BankRun 2010, CIA Wikileaks Reaches Overreach Critical Mass

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Take all your money out of the banks now! December 7, 2010 is the cue for:

BankRun 2010

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Paypal, MasterCard, and Visa are now blocking the fake CIA Wikileaks donations. We should all know by now that the Wikileaks psy-op is an attempt to create the illusion of a fake Sunni/Shia dichotomy which is only significant to the CIA sponsored “Wahhabi”/”al Queda” psy-op that is attempting to divide and conquer the rather peaceful Muslim population in order to distract the IgnAmerican masses from the financial coop.

Take all your cash out of the banks on December 7, 2010. Picket Walmart. Picket the Ports of New York, New Orleans, and Seattle on the second week of December.

Picket and overrun lower Manhattan.

You have nothing to lose but you chains and your cheap plastic junk from China and India.

Demand stiff tariffs until our industry and productionality is restored. Do not let GM float down the Mississippi to China! Let Detroit communitalize its industry!

America Si! China No!

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Of course, there is a 1% chance Wikileaks is legit.

And if we all take our money out and picket the ports, the economy might crash sooner than planned, and it would suck mightily. And we would get “blamed.”

And China is a dictatorship much like our own, so there’s no sense criticizing them too much.

And you don’t think that Barry The String Puppet would have even the life expectancy of a Kennedy if he deviated from the oligarch’s script, right?


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If you do not change your direction, you are likely to end up where you are headed. ~Ancient Chinese Proverb
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