The Evil Trolls Are Simply Republicans Who Want To Wreck Blogs

by blues

They drive away the good content producers!

I suggest Group Blogging:

Get your own FREE blog in three minutes:

100% Free WordPress Blog In 3 Minutes!

Set up your blog to enable post-by-email. Simple instructions for doing this from are at:

WP Post by Email

(Other blogging platforms might support this as well.)

“Before you can publish by email you must generate a special email address. This address is unique to you and must be kept secret.”

Email your secret special email address to all your friends (if they post at your blog, they will have to provide their email address if you set that up — easy!). And ask them to get their own free WordPress blogs, so you can post on their free WordPress blogs too!

After experimenting with this, you may want to download a safe and perfectly legal (if you don’t use it to spam people who don’t consent) multimailer so you can simultainiouslt post on dozens of blogs. (Don’t get it on other freeware sites — some add Trojans!):

Solway’s Multimail — Via (safe) Softpedia

Solway’s Multimail (for Windows) works for me with Linux Wine, if Firefox isn’t running, but there is also TurboMailer for Linux.

Here is an alternative Windows (all) multimailer:

Group Mailer 1.4.7l — Via (safe) Softpedia

It was hard to find reasonable free multi-mailers for the Mac! But this should work:

Bulk Mailer 1.0 — Via (safe) Softpedia

It does need Apple’s Claris Emailer to work:

Claris Emailer from Apple

Get all your friends to do this same thing, write something out, and then just multimail it right out directly to the front page of all of the blogs of your 1000 friends!!!

Eventually, you will need to need an email forwarding/ filtering service to control who can post on your blog. I recommend (for $8/yr):

Lavabit Enhanced Email Forwarding

With this baby, you control a ‘whitelist’ of email addresses that are automatically funneled to your own WordPress special secret email address, and thus to your front page. (It should work just fine, but I haven’t tried this yet.)

There are several alternatives to Lavabit Email Forwarding, which are almost as attractive, including:,, and

Except for the filtering services, which you don’t need at the beginning, IT’S ALL FREE!

The Republican trolls could still leave comments if you don’t ban them, but you can block them from front page posting. Just go to your own blog and thousands of great posts from your friends will be right there!!!

Maybe folks won’t see the potential ’till they try this. Some of my friends use Solway’s Multimail to send regular email posts out to dozens of friends, and we go back and forth (we can even send attachments, but we don’t normally). It’s a “closed system” since it’s not public like a blog, so it grows slowly. But it’s very cozy. Group blogging is the same thing, except it’s based on blogs visible to the public, so it can grow very fast — it’s really “open letters.” But there can also be comments, and WordPress is even soon to add threaded commenting, so it will be much like SoapBlox.

Perhaps best of all, there exists a free WordPress version (via that can be easily installed on any web host, so you are not beholden to WordPress or SoapBlox at all!

The need to ban people would totally become a thing of the past, since if blog “A” decides to block blog “B”, then “B” can reciprocate and block “A”. In effect, there are no more administrators and everything is free and open — It’s all totally anarchic and free and equal!!!

What’s not to like?

Take back the Internet!


About blues

If you do not change your direction, you are likely to end up where you are headed. ~Ancient Chinese Proverb
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4 Responses to The Evil Trolls Are Simply Republicans Who Want To Wreck Blogs

  1. Barbie says:

    How do I start a group blog, as I don’t know the email address for this blog?

    • blues says:

      Barbie –

      Even though you didn’t register, you provided your email address when you commented. So I will send you the blog’s email address in an email.

  2. fairleft says:

    Hey blues, good luck.

    • blues says:

      Thanks, fairleft!

      17 readers from FSZ viewed this page, and you’re the only one that left a comment so far. Maybe they are scared because I push things so far on occasion. Maybe they think I have something evil planned! (I don’t really.)

      I love to experiment with new ways to use the Internet — It’s great because you never know where it might lead!

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